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What do we do at the Centre?


The MS Centre at West Parley is a Day and Therapy Centre for people and families in Dorset who are living with Multiple Sclerosis. We employ a manager to oversee the running of the Centre on a daily basis.  We fund the services of carers, neuro physiotherapists, a yoga teacher and a hairdresser at the Centre amongst a vast team of our volunteers who help the Centre run smoothly.

We also run a fleet of minibuses, collecting our members in the community who are unable to drive any longer, allowing them to attend the Centre each week.  We ask for a small donation to help fund this.

Exercise Classes and Gym Equipment


Regular exercise, stretching and physical movement and stimulating activity can play a big part in keeping as healthy as possible within individuals capabilities.


There are mixed ability exercise classes run by local Neuro Physiotherapists and we offer a gym including:

  • exercise bikes (assisted and unassisted)

  • parallel bars to assist walking

  • standing frames

  • a tilt table to aid members normally in a wheelchair

  • weights and resistance equipment


We aim to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere, with specialist support and care for members to get exercise who would not find it as easy elsewhere. 

Exercise Bike Room
MS front photo.jpg


Our yoga teacher provides classes catering for all abilities.  Ranging from members with reduced mobility who may be wheelchair bound with little motor skills, to members that can take part in yoga standing up or using a mat.   Our volunteers can assist members in this class if they require.

Dining / Social Area

In our dining/social area we provide members with hot drinks, biscuits and sometimes cake made by our dedicated team of volunteers.  This is a place where members and their carers or family can relax and chat.  It is also a great space to meet new friends and share experiences with people who understand the condition.

In the afternoons our volunteers love to engage with members in activities such as a game of dominoes or a quiz.


There are always two experienced carers present at the Centre who can provide personal care to members, such as with any toileting needs, and also provide assistance with any eating problems.  They are a friendly and engaging team, and will always sit and have a chat with members.


Craft sessions are run regularly for any of our members.  We encourage volunteers and members to share any craft ideas they have, which have included:

  • decoupage

  • painting

  • flower arranging

  • card making


We provide subsidised service from a hairdresser at the Centre once a month, which is especially helpful if you find it difficult to get to a high street salon.  They can provide hair colouring, washing and cuts with basins that are wheelchair friendly to accommodate our members.

Charity Shop

We have a charity shop within the Centre where you can find all sorts of items for sale including; jigsaw puzzles, clothing, glasses, crockery, also books and DVDs alongside other assorted 'treasures'.



We have our own fleet of 5 minibuses available to support our members by transporting them from their homes to the Centre and back if required.  Each minibus is staffed by our team of trained volunteers, with a driver and a drivers assistant available to assist with getting on and off the minibus.

Excursions and social events

We regularly host outings for our members and offer subsidised transport if required.  Our trips have included:

  • Baskets and Blooms' Garden Centre in West Parley

  • Hengistbury Head 'Hiker Cafe' for lunch and a visit to the Information Centre.

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